Industrial Curing Ovens

Curing applications use heat to create a chemical reaction to cure a finish or adhesive onto a product, or to solidify a plastic or epoxy. The result is a harder, tougher, more stable material or coating that resists temperature, humidity, and/or corrosion. There is a wide range of curing applications found in a number of industries. A batch oven or conveyor oven can be used for the curing process based on the customer’s production requirements. Wisconsin Oven manufactures industrial curing ovens in both batch and conveyor configurations used to cure powder coating, epoxy resin, thermoplastics, adhesives, coatings, rubber, polymers, carbon fiber, plastic composites, and many more. These curing ovens provide excellent temperature uniformity, so your parts receive the optimal cure.

With a Curing Oven from Wisconsin Oven, you can rest assured that you will be able to meet tight temperature tolerances and consistent results while remaining cost-effective. Wisconsin Oven batch and conveyorized Curing Ovens are available either electric or gas heated and have multiple customization options.

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