Curing Ovens for Filament Wound Composites

Wisconsin Oven manufactures high performance Composite Curing Ovens for processing filament wound composite shapes. The process involves wrapping resin-impregnated fibers, such as carbon fiber, Kevlar, or Fiberglass, around a rotating mandrel (which serves as a reusable core) and then curing the resin in an industrial curing oven while continuing the rotation. Alternatively, the impregnated fibers can be wound around a non-removable tank used to contain compressed gasses or to hold water or other liquids. Filament wound composite technology creates extremely strong, lightweight cylindrical and tubular structures.

The filament wound structures are cured in an oven at 200°F to 400°F to harden the resin. The mandrels must be kept rotating while being cured to prevent the resin from sagging due to gravity, which ensures a round profile.

In addition to the curing ovens, we provide the mandrel rotators which rotate the part while curing it. In addition to stationary rotators that couple with the end of the mandrel to perform the rotation, we provide many innovative rotator designs, such as traveling load carts equipped with rotators, automatically coupled rotators that can engage from the side or the rear, multi-rotators to handle up to 16 mandrels simultaneously, and extreme duty rotators for mandrels over 40 feet long. In addition, we offer a wide range of useful features such as advanced control & data acquisition, our E-Pack™ energy efficiency package, and the DataSense® industrial IoT system, to provide maximum productivity and efficiency.  

In addition to the traditional front loaded batch oven design, we offer top load mandrel cure ovens. This design saves floor space since the part is lowered directly into the oven from above, without a load cart being necessary. This is especially helpful for processing very long parts, since the savings in floor space is even more significant. 


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