Molded Fiber Paper Pulp Drying Ovens

Molded fiber pulp packaging material is environmentally friendly packaging that uses recycled paper products such as paperboard, newsprint and other post-consumer and post-industrial waste to produce fast-food drink or cup trays, egg trays or filler flats, egg cartons, a wide array of protective packaging for consumer and industrial products, as well as disposable plates, bowls, plant trays and clamshell containers, among many others.

At Wisconsin Oven we build drying ovens that use convection technology to evaporate the moisture from the molded parts with heated air. These industrial drying ovens can be designed for your specific application with the help of our design engineers. 

We offer molded fiber pulp packaging drying solutions for both thick wall (Type 1) and thin wall (Transfer Mold or Type 2) product manufacturing lines. Whether you are considering a new line installation or the replacement of an existing process dryer, we can assist you.