Out of Autoclave Ovens

Out of autoclave composite curing has gained popularity over the years as a cost effective alternative to high pressure autoclave composite curing. Composite curing ovens are used for out of autoclave applications in a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, marine, infrastructure, construction, wind-energy, healthcare/medical, sports products, and consumer-goods. OOA technology eliminates the need to pressurize the entire chamber by using vacuum bag only (VBO) technology. The VBO prepregs rely on extremely specific processing techniques. To achieve optimal results, the appropriate material property and process parameter selections need to be used.

Out-of-autoclave (OOA) technologies are ideal for curing composite materials such as carbon fiber and epoxy resins with little to no void content. The Wisconsin Oven OOA industrial ovens cure composite materials of complex contours, shapes and sizes. With capabilities to cure materials such as carbon fibers, ceramics, Kevlar®, Normex®, thermoset, thermoplastic resins, epoxies, araminds, glass fibers, and nano-materials, our experienced design team can meet your project specifications. Wisconsin Oven out-of-autoclave composite curing ovens provide fast heat up rates, quick cycle times, and excellent temperature uniformity which result in an optimal cure. Contact our sales team for your next OOA composite curing application.

Any of the industrial ovens listed below can be customized with out of autoclave composite curing options such as data acquisition instruments, vacuum piping, pumps and transducers.

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