Post Weld Heat Treatment

Post weld heat treatment (PWHT) is the process of reheating a material to below its lower critical transformation temperature and holding it at that temperature for a specific time. PWHT furnaces are used to maintain the integrity of a part after it has been welded, by reducing the residual stress in weld joints. PWHT helps reduce brittleness, strengthens the material, and reduces weld failures by improving the material’s ductility. Processes such as annealing, aging, normalizing, stress-relieving, tempering, and more, are often performed in conjunction with post-weld heat treatment, so PWHT furnaces can be dual-use machines. With PWHT, you can carefully control the hardness of the material to give it your desired properties by varying the heating time and temperature.

Wisconsin Oven’s post-weld heat treatment furnaces are durable, reliable, and built to last! They are designed with double-wall construction and a patented high-efficiency design to reduce heat loss and maximize energy efficiency. Reaching temperatures of 1000˚F to 1400˚F (538˚C to 760˚C), they are also excellent for applications such as annealing, aging, normalizing, stress-relieving, and tempering. PWHT furnaces help ensure the strength of welds and avoid cracking and fracturing. These furnaces provide stable parts after welding by reducing residual stresses and preventing brittle fractures within weld joints. Our PWHT furnaces are thoroughly factory tested, adjusted, and certified by an extensive quality inspection process before shipment, resulting in lower installation and start-up costs for you! 


  • Fully tested before shipment, to reduce installation & start-up costs
  • Tight temperature uniformity to ensure consistent results and provide desired material properties
  • Each furnace is designed to meet your specific requirements in regard to heating time, temperature, and loading requirements

Standard Features

  • NFPA 86 compliant 
  • Multiple interlocks such as high/low gas pressure switches, high-temperature interlocks, air proving switches, door proximity switches, and more
  • Maximum temperature ratings of 1000°F (538° C), 1250°F (677° C), or 1400°F (760° C)
  • Recirculation fans and air distribution ducting for fast heating and tight uniformity 
  • Gas or electrical heated
  • Batch or conveyor style
  • Many models available with Wisconsin Oven’s exclusive 3-year or 5-year warranty

Available Options

  • Ramp/soak controllers or standard single set point control
  • Temperature recorder
  • Wide variety of conveying systems available, including belt conveyors, chain conveyors, and many others
  • AMS 2750 or CQI-9 compliance
  • IoT system to remotely monitor the equipment. Allows predictive maintenance, and reduces downtime due to unexpected component failures


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