Industrial Powder Coating Ovens

Industrial powder coating is typically done through a two-step process: first the coating is applied to the part electrostatically and then the newly powdered part is cured under heat to form a hard plastic coating. This process is very efficient since the powder wraps around the entire part for better coverage and can provide 95% material usage of the powder. Wisconsin Oven manufactures powder coating ovens often for the finishing industry. These industrial ovens provide uniform air distribution along the entire length of the work chamber resulting in quality cured finishes and optimum cure cycles. Our industrial powder curing ovens are designed to prevent powder blow-off which reduces rework, saving you time and money.  Standard powder coating oven configurations include reach-in, walk-in, and top-load designs that are available in hundreds of sizes.  Wisconsin Oven's industrial powder coating ovens are factory adjusted and tested prior to shipment from our facility to help reduce installation and start-up times.