Industrial Preheating Oven

Industrial preheating ovens are used for heating a product prior to forming, coating, fitting, or welding. Products are placed in the industrial preheating oven for a designated time frame as they are being prepared for the next step in the production process. Metal parts are preheated in a batch or conveyor oven prior to powder coating, which provides greater powder thickness. Shrink fitting of bearings is also a common use of pre-heating; bearings are heated in an oven, causing them to expand, which in turn causes expansion of the diameter of the bore where the shaft is fitted. Immediately after removal from the oven, the bearing is put on the shaft. When the bearing cools, it shrinks onto the shaft, forming an extremely tight, interference fit that doesn’t require fasteners.

Wisconsin Oven manufactures industrial preheating ovens, walk-in ovens, batch, and conveyor ovens; all for pre-heating applications and will work with you to determine the best equipment configuration for your process.

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