Tempering Ovens

The object of tempering is to reduce the brittleness in hardened steel and to remove the internal strains caused by the sudden cooling of a quenching bath. Tempering is used to improve (reduce and control) hardness, strength, and toughness, while at the same time decrease brittleness in fully hardened steel. Tempering is performed in an oven after quench hardening by heating the metal to a temperature below its critical point for a specific period of time followed by cooling. The tempering temperature and soak time, as well as the composition of the steel, determine the amount of hardness removed. Tempering requires precise time and temperature control during the entire process in order to reach the desired physical properties for the final product.

Wisconsin Oven offers a wide range of batch and conveyor ovens and furnaces for tempering, with many optional items available to meet your specific requirements. In addition to tempering furnaces, Wisconsin Oven also manufactures heat treating ovens, solution treating furnaces, aging ovens, and more.


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