Industrial Wood Drying Ovens

Wood manufacturers prefer to pre-finish their boards prior to installation. This allows for a more consistent, uniform coating and is mandated by paint manufacturers to offer an extended warranty. Wood drying is done in a chain conveyor oven. The boards are loaded onto the conveyor and as they move through the wood drying oven, heated air is delivered through a fully enclosed, pressurized supply duct that is above (or above and below) the boards. The ducts have tapered nozzles that impinge air directly onto the surface of the boards while they travel on a chain conveyor.

Wisconsin Oven’s wood drying system can process panels of wood or cement board up to 4 by 8 feet, or long boards up to 8 inches wide and 24 feet long. The boards are manually loaded onto a powered-roller conveyor that will carry them through a coater at speeds of 50 to 200 feet per minute, before being loaded sideways to travel through the drying oven. Wood coating applications are commonly used for siding, backer board, trim, and molding. Both prime and topcoats are applied and dried using this technology.

Wisconsin Oven offers cost-effective conveyorized wood drying ovens that provide high performance and reliable operation for drying primer, sealer and finish coatings on wood and cement board trim and panels. The wood drying ovens utilize a chain conveyor system and high-velocity convection air technology to efficiently dry the boards.

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