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Wisconsin Oven Corporation designs and manufactures aluminum age ovens in 52 standard sizes. These batch ovens are available in electric, gas fired, or indirect gas fired and can be designed for standard performance or high performance use. The standard maximum temperature rating for the aluminum age oven is 500°F, with optional ratings of 650°F, 800°F and 1,000°F available. Wisconsin Oven will work with you to choose the ideal air flow designs to match your load configuration and ensure optimal part results.

Wisconsin Oven's aluminum age ovens provide excellent temperature uniformity for increased production rates. Their heavy duty construction means years of dependable operation. The roof-mounted components reduce the equipment footprint and save on your valuable floor space. Our aluminum age batch ovens are tried, true, and industry-vetted for superior aluminum hardening of aluminum casts. Wisconsin Oven also manufactures Drop Bottom Furnaces, Quench Tanks, and related equipment for solution treatment of aluminum extrusions, sheet metal, castings and other parts. Connect with an expert at Wisconsin Oven for assistance in selecting the proper aluminum heat treating solution.

  • 500° F maximum temperature rating (optional ratings of 650, 800 & 1,000° F)
  • High volume, high velocity air flow with aluminized steel ductwork
  • Excellent temperature uniformity (+/- 10° @ 350° F, tighter tolerances available)
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Roof-mounted components to reduce equipment footprint
  • Microprocessor based temperature controller with “auto-tune”
  • Unprecedented & Exclusive 3 Year Warranty!
  • UL certified & labeled NEMA 12 control panel
  • Vertical lift doors and/or doors at both ends
  • Load cars, racks & quench tanks
  • Data acquisition & chart recorders
  • PLC control & remote communications
  • Energy efficient E-Pack™ oven upgrade
  • Automotive & aerospace compliance
  • Aftermarket services including installation & start-up
  • More options available on request

Aluminum Aging: Aluminum can be aged or hardened after it is solution annealed to the "O" condition and using the proper hardening processes to achieve the desired physical properties for the given application. The aluminum aging process is normally performed in a temperature range of 250° to 400°F. These process temperatures may be held from several hours to several days depending on the desired physical properties. Our industrial ovens have been used to age aluminum aerospace components, automotive components, military components, and extrusions for commercial building trim.


  • Heat Your Parts Faster using a high pressure recirculation blower to deliver heat through a combination airflow arrangement to ensures uniform heat distribution throughout the work chamber
  • Easy Temperature Certification with a temperature uniformity of ±10 @ 350°F certified before shipment
  • Save on Valuable Floor Space with roof mounted components
  • Adjustable "H" pattern ductwork for uniform heat distribution 
  • Fully adjusted and factory tested PRIOR to shipment to reduce installation and start-up times
  • A Quality Assurance check list is completed to ensure your equipment meets all Wisconsin Oven quality standards
Aluminum Age Oven
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Aluminum Age Oven
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