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Wisconsin Oven manufactures Drop Bottom Furnaces, Quench Tanks, Aluminum Age Ovens, Horizontal Quench Furnaces and related equipment for solution treatment of aluminum extrusions, sheet metal, castings, and other parts. Our solution treat equipment is extremely durable and highly reliable and designed to meet specifications AMS-2750, AMS-2770, MIL-H-6088 and BAC-5602, as required. Wisconsin Oven’s Drop Bottom Furnaces are available in electric, gas fired, or indirect gas fired configurations with temperatures to 1,200°F and uniformity of +/- 5°F. They utilize many innovative design features to reduce maintenance and increase performance and efficiency such as:

  • Clamping Door Seal: When closed, the doors are tightly clamped against the bottom of the furnace to prevent cold air leakage which can disrupt the temperature uniformity of the load and increase operating expenses.
  • Maintenance-Free Door Seal: The door consists of a tightly compressed ceramic fiber that is self-adjusting and will maintain a superior seal that will last years before replacement is required.
  • High Velocity Air: High pressure blowers provide faster heating rates and tighter temperature uniformity for varying load configurations and densities.

Our drop bottom furnaces are fully adjusted and factory tested prior to shipment. Customers are invited and encouraged to visit our plant to witness testing and inspect the equipment prior to shipment.

Wisconsin Oven’s drop bottom furnaces feature:

  • 12 standard sizes
  • Gas, indirect gas, or electrically heated
  • Two (2) maximum temperature ratings, 1,000° F and 1,200° F
  • Clamping door seal to prevent air leakage
  • High velocity, high pressure plug-mounted blowers
  • Combination airflow design provides excellent uniformity
  • PLC based controls

In addition to the standard features of the drop bottom furnace line the following options are available:

  • Pneumatic components
  • Indirect gas fired (radiant tube) heat system
  • Quench & rinse tanks
  • Seven (7) second quench time
  • Load cars & racks
  • Guaranteed temperature uniformity & certification
  • Advanced controls systems
  • Data acquisition and recording
  • Aftermarket services from startup assistance to complete turnkey installations
  • More options available upon request

The typical operating procedure for a drop bottom furnace, loads the product, usually in baskets or on a grid, under the oven. The load is attached to a lift mechanism and lifted into the chamber through the doors located on the bottom of the equipment. When the doors close the heat treat process begins. After the set process time, the doors open, and the load is lowered rapidly, at a near free fall rate, into a quench tank below. Wisconsin Oven’s drop bottom furnaces and other solution heat treating equipment serve many industries including:


Wisconsin Oven’s drop bottom furnace line offers you premium quality with the following benefits:

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Quality components
  • High volume airflow provides excellent uniformity and heating rates
  • Maintenance free door gasket & interior
  • Meets Aerospace and MIL specifications
  • Fully adjusted and factory tested PRIOR to shipment to reduce installation and start-up costs
  • Competitively priced
  • Custom sizes available
Drop Bottom Furnace
Drop In Oven
Custom Drop Bottom Furnace
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Drop Bottom Furnace
Drop In Oven
Custom Drop Bottom Furnace
Aluminum Age Oven