Horizontal Quench System

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A Horizontal Quench System is Your Cost-Effective Solution to a Drop Bottom Furnace.

Wisconsin Oven’s horizontal quench systems (HQS Series) are available in five (5) standard sizes (custom sizes available) and either gas fired or electrically heated. The equipment utilizes an electrically operated pusher/extractor mechanism that provides a quench time as low as seven (7) seconds, which combined with the load capacity of up to 6,000 lbs makes it ideal for solution treating applications.

The horizontal quench system utilizes a high capacity recirculation blower, along with fully enclosed & pressurized supply ducts, delivers heated air with a combination airflow arrangement. This type of uniform airflow ensures even heat distribution throughout the work chamber and excellent temperature uniformity. All units are fully factory tested, adjusted and certified by an extensive quality inspection PRIOR to shipment, which results in lower installation and start-up costs. Optional PLC control, data acquisition, trending, and reporting are also available.

The Wisconsin Oven solution heat treat furnace features:

  • 5 standard sizes (custom sizes available)
  • Gas or electrically heated
  • Maximum temperature ratings up to 1,400° F
  • High capacity recirculation blower
  • Quench tank water agitation pump with distribution manifold
  • Combination airflow through oven chamber
  • Carbon steel work grid (stainless steel also available)
  • Standard temperature uniformity of +/- 15° F, tighter tolerances available upon request
  • Air operated vertical lift oven door and quench platform
  • Main power disconnect switch
  • 480/3/60 power supply (other voltages available)
  • FM, NFPA, & NEC compliant
  • See Video Here!

There are a multitude of options available for solution heat treat furnaces including:

  • Programmable controllers and chart recorders
  • Data acquisition
  • PLC control system
  • Process timers (oven & quench)
  • Baskets
  • Energy Efficient E-pack™ upgrade
  • Dual tier quench platform
  • Larger capacity tanks for reduced quench temperature rises
  • Quench tank cooling
  • Stainless steel tank construction for corrosion resistance
  • Automated operation
  • Installation, start-up and training at your facility (turnkey or a working supervisor)
  • Many more options available upon request

The HQS Series is designed for solution heat treating applications.

Standard Operating Procedure:

Parts are loaded on a work grid located on the rollers (quench platform). An electric pusher/extractor mechanism pulls the load into the furnace for heat treating. After the heating cycle is completed, the pneumatically operated vertical lift door is manually opened and the extractor mechanism pushes the load onto the quench platform and then the load is quenched. An optional 2 tier quench platform will allow one load to be charged into the furnace while another load is quenched.


Wisconsin Oven’s horizontal quench system provides you with premium quality and the following benefits:

  • Quench times as low as seven (7) seconds
  • Cost effective alternative to a drop bottom furnace
  • High load capacity ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Automated controls available for easier operation
  • Heavy duty construction with quality components
  • High volume airflow provides excellent uniformity and heating rates
  • Fully adjusted and factory tested PRIOR to shipment to reduce installation and start-up times
  • Shipped completely piped, wired, fully tested and certified (as required)
Horizontal Quench Furnace
Horizontal Quench Furnace
Horizontal Quench Furnace Drop Down Tank
Quench cool
Quench Furnace
drop bottom furnace
SDB Quench Tank
high capacity
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Horizontal Quench Furnace
Horizontal Quench Furnace
Horizontal Quench Furnace Drop Down Tank
Quench cool
Quench Furnace
drop bottom furnace
SDB Quench Tank
high capacity