Industrial Conveyor Ovens & Furnaces

Wisconsin Oven manufactures a wide variety of industrial conveyor ovens and furnaces. Our conveying ovens are designed in a variety of configurations including flat conveyor belt style, chain conveyors, Ferris wheel, carousel, overhead trolley, serpentine, chain-on-edge, spindle, slat type, strip cure, print plate, pusher ovens, dog beams, wash-draw furnaces, as well as specialized custom conveyor ovens. Industrial Conveyor Ovens may require a higher initial investment, but for larger production of products, Conveying Ovens are the way to go. Since this oven design does not require constant loading and unloading or heating up and cooling back down, you will see both a labor and energy cost savings. 

Our dedicated team will work with you to engineer a custom conveyor oven to meet your sizing and load weight requirements. We can also design heating equipment to accommodate your existing industrial conveyor oven, and can utilize the best high volume airflow arrangement for your process.  We fully adjust and factory test our conveying ovens prior to shipment to reduce installation and start-up times. Industrial conveyor ovens are used in a wide range of applications and processes such as tempering, annealing, curing, preheating, drying, heat-shrinking, and heat-forming. Download the Wisconsin Oven Product Overview Brochure for more information.


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