Laboratory Ovens

“Laboratory Ovens” are defined differently by people in varying industries.  Wisconsin Oven’s version of a laboratory oven is more on the industrial side than laboratory.  Wisconsin Oven refers to this small reach-in style oven as a Small Batch Oven to help avoid confusion.  However, if you are looking for a true laboratory oven, our sister company Blue M is an excellent choice to consider. 

small batch oven

Small Batch Oven

For applications that have stringent uniformity requirements, aggressive heating times, heavier loads or have higher production rates, we highly recommend Wisconsin Oven’s line SBH series of small batch ovens. The SBH series utilize tongue & groove panel assemblies with substantially more heat and recirculation capacity than comparable sized laboratory ovens.  This standard line of equipment can also be modified rather easily to meet a specific customer’s requirements.  Please use the links below to learn more about the SBH series or to contact our sales team.

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Laboratory Oven

Blue M designs and manufactures reliable laboratory ovens made with high-quality components. ThesBlue M Lab Ovene laboratory and gravity ovens are available in several standard configurations including mechanical convection ovens, ASTM testing ovens, Clean Room ovens, and inert-gas mechanical convection ovens. Lab ovens and gravity ovens are designed to fit within a small footprint, have a sleek powder-coated steel exterior, and feature ergonomic handles and controls, making them perfect for any laboratory environment. If you require a test oven that will be installed in a lab for R&D or Testing, please use the links below to visit the Blue M website or contact their sales team.

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