Blue M 146 Series Clean Room Mechanical Convection Oven

Product details

The Blue M Clean Room Mechanical Convection Oven  is suitable for Class 100 or Class 10 areas and is designed for a number of industrial oven applications, including curing polyamide coatings, moisture drying, baking photo-resist coating and various pharmaceutical processes.

  • Heavy gauge steel exterior and stainless steel interior
  • All exterior panels are at least 16 gauge
  • Fiberglass insulation - 4 full inches minimizes heat loss
  • Baked-on powder coated white enamel finish for long-lasting corrosion protection
  • Blue M silicone door seal design for positive sealing of door
  • Removable one-piece stainless steel interior features reinforced 304 stainless steel
  • All welded and sealed construction assures continuously low particle counts
  • Chamber vent port for exhausting of process by-products
  • Suitable for inert gas purge to eliminate moisture and bent out contaminants. Adjustable inert gas glow meter
  • Safety air flow switch


  • NFPA 86 Class B oven 
  • Temperature range: 15°C above ambient to 250°C (482°F)
  • Uniformity: +/-2% of setpoint
  • Control Accuracy: +0.5°C
  • Resolution: +0.1°C
  • Performance data (typical): Run-up to 250°C 60 minutes or less

Clean Room Oven Options

  • Stainless steel slotted shelves
  • 24-hour, 7-day digital process timer
  • Circular chart recorder
  • Reverse door hinge
  • Floorstands
  • Casters
  • Comm-Link RS-485 to RS-232 converter
  • Oxygen Analyzer

Engineered Oven Options

  • Redundant over-temperature protection
  • All stainless steel exterior construction
  • Special control systems
  • Space-saving stack oven design
  • Flanged for through-the-wall mounting
  • Class 1000 clean room assembly and packaging
  • High temperature HEPA filter for operation to 350°C
  • Aging
  • ASTM Testing
  • Drying
  • Photo Resist
  • Curing Polyamide Coatings
  • Baking Photo-Resist Coatings
  • Various Pharmaceutical Processes


  • High quality design and simple operation
  • Interior welded vapor tight
  • Welded and sealed liner for an impervious barrier between the process chamber and the insulation material
  • Horizontal air flow assures uniform thermal performance under all loading conditions
  • Differential Air Pressure Switches alert you if loss of pressure or airflow is detected
  • Multiple model options for custom test needs
  • Quick access for simple inner chamber cleaning
  • Easy to use controller
clean room mechanical convection lab oven
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clean room mechanical convection lab oven