Walk-In Ovens

Walk-In Ovens, also referred to as Batch Ovens or Truck-In Ovens, are industrial ovens that are manufactured for industrial applications such as aging, adhesive curing, baking, bonding, drying, metal finishing, preheating, and more.  Walk-In Ovens are a larger scale industrial oven that can be engineered for any need, whether it is a “customized” standard oven, or an oven custom-engineered from conception to final product.


Industrial Walk-In Ovens are available in variety of sizes, and Wisconsin Oven offers standard sizes up to 6,000 cubic feet.  Wisconsin Oven can customize even larger sizes to meet customer needs. Walk-In Ovens are offered with temperature ratings up to 1,400 degrees F, and as gas fired or electrically heated.  Wisconsin Oven’s Walk-In Ovens can be customized with a variety of options, such as notched doors for overhead trolley rails, doors on both ends of the oven, guaranteed temperature uniformity, windows, lights, access ports, and more.

Advantages of Walk-In Ovens

Industrial Walk-In Ovens provide customers with a several benefits. The flexibility in sizing along with advanced controls and tight uniformity make these industrial ovens ideal for most applications. A few of the key benefits that a walk-in oven provides to customers are:

  • Versatility. Anything that will fit inside the work chamber can be processed in a walk in batch oven. The most popular style of walk in oven uses combination airflow, which delivers the air to the load from both sides at the bottom, and draws it up through the load before directing it through a roof-mounted return duct at the top of the heating chamber. This airflow style is extremely versatile, provides excellent temperature uniformity, and will accommodate most load arrangements.
  • Recipe Batch Processing. Heating/cooling recipes automatically adjust the walk-in oven to different temperatures for predetermined time periods. This allows the load to be heated at one temperature during the first half of the cycle, for example, and a different temperature during the second half. Each recipe can have many segments, and different recipes can be stored and retrieved as needed for different loads.
  • Tightly Controlled Heating and Cooling. In a walk in batch oven the load can be heated and cooled very gradually. The rate of temperature change is programmed into the temperature controller by the operator, and can be controlled extremely accurately.
  • Ease of Material Handling. Walk in batch ovens do not require any specialized material handling. They can be loaded with a fork truck. With the addition of a load cart, an overhead hoist can be used to load the oven.

How Different industries Are Using Walk-In Ovens

Wisconsin Oven has shipped industrial walk-in ovens to manufacturers around the world for a range of industries. Recently, Wisconsin Oven shipped two heavy duty walk-in ovens to an automotive parts manufacturer in China.  In February of 2016, Wisconsin Oven shipped two ultimate-duty walk-in ovens to a leading aerospace manufacturer for composite curing of aircrafts.  Manufacturers in wind energy, composite curing, defense, and electronics have also purchased walk-in ovens from Wisconsin Oven.

Model (Series) Walk-In Oven Description
Enhanced Duty Walk-In Oven (EWN) The EWN is Wisconsin Oven’s most popular line of Walk-In Ovens, and is available in fifty-seven (57) standard sizes, and standard rated for a maximum temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.  The EWN is manufactured with all the same quality features as other Wisconsin Oven walk-in batch ovens, and the base EWN includes features that are optional on other models.
Standard Duty Walk-In Oven (SWN) The SWN is available in fifty-five (55) standard sizes, either gas-fired or electrically heated.  The SWN is standard rated for a maximum temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit, with optional ratings of 650 and 800 degrees.
Heavy Duty Walk-In Oven (SWH) The SWH line can handle more demanding of applications than the EWN and SWN, and is available in seventy (70) standard sizes, either gas-fired or electrically heated.  The SWH experiences increased performance due to higher heat input and recirculation rate.  The SWH is standard rated for a maximum temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
Ultimate Heavy Duty Walk-In Oven (UWH) The UWH line can handle the most demanding of applications, and is offered in 72 standard sizes up to 6,000 cubic feet.  The UWH is only offered as gas-fired.  The UWH is standard rated for a temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit, with optional ratings of 800 and 1,000 degrees.


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