Normal Duty Walk-In Oven (SWN)

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The Standard Duty Walk-In Oven (SWN) line of industrial batch ovens is available in fifty-five (55) standard sizes (custom sizes available on request) and gas fired or electrically heated.  The SWN series walk-in oven line has been Wisconsin Oven's top selling walk-in oven for wet paint curing applications for decades.  Hundreds and hundreds of paint curing ovens have been shipped from our manufacturing facility throughout our history.

The heat and recirculation system on the standard industrial walk-in ovens are roof-mounted, to save valuable shop floor space.  The roof-mounted system provides high-volume airflow, which provides uniform heating and excellent heating rates.  Doors can easily be designed into the rear of the oven to allow for "Flow Through" operations.  Many customers have us install a notch in the door to allow for the installation of an overhead trolley rail to provide an efficient way to handle their products through their facility.

Wisconsin Oven’s SWN industrial batch ovens are factory adjusted and tested prior to shipment from our facility to help reduce installation and start-up times.  An extensive Quality Assurance check list is completed to ensure your equipment meets all Wisconsin Oven quality standards.

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The SWN is manufactured with all the same quality features as Wisconsin Oven's other line of equipment, yet it is an economical choice.

  • 55 standard sizes
  • Gas or electric heat
  • 500° F maximum temperature rating (optional ratings of 650°F and 800°F)
  • Heavy duty construction & ball bearing hinges
  • Rattle proof adjustable ductwork
  • Heavy duty tongue & groove panels with 12 gauge exterior roof & base trim
  • Aluminized interior
  • Fully factory assembled, tested, and shipped complete
  • Horizontal airflow through the work chamber (combination airflow available)
  • FM, NFPA, & NEC compliant
  • Built to Last!! Backed by Wisconsin Oven’s Exclusive and Unprecedented 5- Year WOW™ warranty.

Premium Quality Standard Walk-In Oven Options

  • Available with our exclusive energy efficient E-Pack™ Oven upgrade
  • Doors on both ends
  • Notched doors for overhead trolley rail(s)
  • Guaranteed temperature uniformity & certification
  • Windows, lights, access ports, etc.
  • Composite curing oven options (vacuum ports, TC jacks, pumps, etc)
  • PLC controls
  • Data acquisition and recording
  • Many more options available upon request

Paint Curing Oven Applications

The SWN series industrial oven can be used for a wide-variety of paint curing applications including:

  • Water-based paint curing
  • Solvent-based paint curing
  • Powder paint curing

Additional Applications

In addition to curing paint, SWN walk-in ovens are used for applications and industries such as:


  • Heavy duty construction and quality components
  • High volume airflow provides excellent uniformity and heating rates
  • Adjustable “H” pattern ductwork for uniform heat distribution
  • Roof-mounted blowers conserve valuable floor space at your facility
  • Fully adjusted and factory tested PRIOR to shipment to reduce installation and start-up times
  • Available with our exclusive energy efficient E-Pack™ Oven upgrade
Normal Duty Walk-In Oven
Normal Duty SWN Walk-In Oven
 Standard Duty Walk-In Oven
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Normal Duty Walk-In Oven
Normal Duty SWN Walk-In Oven
 Standard Duty Walk-In Oven