Industrial Oven Technical Information

Below is technical information on Wisconsin Oven products and resources. Please contact our experienced team for questions regarding any technical information.

Combination Airflow

With combination air flow, there are supply ducts located on both side walls (running from the very front to the very back of the work chamber) that introduce the heated air into the chamber near the bottom.

Continuous Airflow Styles

There are five (5) standard types of airflows used in conveyor ovens: Top-Down, Bottom-Up, Top & Bottom, Horizontal, and Combination. Horizontal and Combination airflow are least common in conveyor ovens, but are used in batch ovens quite often.

Heat Treat Definitions

This brief glossary of heat-treating terms has been adopted by the American Foundrymen's Association, the American Society for Metals, the American Society for Testing and the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Horizontal Air Flow

Air is supplied into the work chamber through a fully adjustable boxed duct (louvered openings are factory preset) located on the side and along the length of the work chamber.

Washer & Quench Tanks

Wisconsin Oven manufactures spray washers, dunk washers, rinse tanks, ambient quench tanks, and heated quench tanks for batch processing.