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“In business there are only a few ways to differentiate yourself from the competition. It is your people that can create the real difference, who can create the WOW experience. And the WOW experience is something that causes your customer to feel a positive tingle, to want to come back and back and back to you. At Wisconsin Oven our goal is to provide you with outstanding customer service. We want all our customers to experience the WOW. Our customer testimonials tell the story of why our customers come back time and time again.”

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I just wanted to let you know how impressed we've been with your assistance in the selection, purchasing process right through the manufacturing of the recent equipment we purchased from your company. What really put everything into perspective was when we came in to witness uniformity testing plus walk through of oven’s operations. Everyone was helpful and the overall appearance of your facilities was impressive. It was quite clear your staff takes pride in their work . We are very pleased with our choice of WOC and look forward to many years of doing business with you.

Thanks to all at WOC.

Brian K. Bacon

Hi Tom,

We are very happy with all your ovens, as well as your organization. The communication and attention to detail your company provides is second to none. Working with Linda on the five ovens we have purchased has certainly made the process easy for me.



To Wisconsin Oven,

Our Company had been using “Brand X” Ovens since 1967. The first two units served us well for over 20 years but, each time we would buy a new or replacement Oven we would have issues with performance and / or build quality.

In 2009, when it came time to replace our largest Oven, we knew that we needed to look for a new supplier. Due to the quality of design and the Sales Reps knowledge of what he was selling, it became apparent early in the quoting process that Wisconsin Oven was the one to go with.

When we purchased the first Wisconsin Oven it was a substantial purchase for us, not only cost wise, but size, as it was the largest (5 foot cube) that we use for our process.

The Oven had to meet stringent AMS 2750D Requirements and our own scrutiny, which is almost as tough. The Oven passed with flying colors right out of the box.

We were thoroughly impressed with all aspects of the purchase of this piece of equipment. Everyone involved was very professional, knowledgeable, helpful and efficient in making it happen. I really appreciate the fact that there were no surprises. Price, lead time and shipping were as stated, in fact we liked this Oven so much we purchased another in 2011 and are equally happy with it.

I know we made a good choice when I heard “I wish they were all like this” from the company we use to do Calibration and Temperature Uniformity Surveys. I would certainly recommend Wisconsin Oven and its sales and support staff to anyone.

Don Leonard

Hi Doug,

The oven has arrived in one piece and that's good, even better we've positioned, wired, plumbed and gave her a test spin this afternoon and all looks good.

All of us here think this an awesome piece of equipment and extremely well built, we'll perform the TUS later next week. Please pass a job well done to everyone involved with the project as I think it's great!


Shaun Fitzgerald

Manufacturing Supervisor

Hi Doug and Elwyn,

Here's a picture of our Wisconsin Oven fully commissioned and in location. We operate the oven under AMS-2750 and maintain a ± 5° F at 1,000°. Since we commissioned the oven back in September we've had no failures or issues of any kind, it does exactly as promised all day, every day. This oven is the backbone of our Heat Treat department and something we, as an Aerospace company, depend on. For the money spent I would challenge anyone to find a better buy for the quality of product received, but more importantly the technical knowledge of Wisconsin Oven has been a home run for us. Kelowna Flightcraft is proud to own a piece of equipment of this caliber and proud to show it off.

You may use anything I have written in this or previous emails and you can use me as a reference. If I had had to change anything about this entire experience, it would be nothing as it went that good and it is that good! Thanks Guys!

Shaun Fitzgerald

Manufacturing Supervisor


I just wanted to let you know what an exceptional young man you have in Corey. It was an absolute pleasureworking with him. He not only got the job done, but it was the way in which he did it that made him stand out. Not only was he here early every day, never took a lunch or a break the entire time he was here, but he also worked late every night, not wanting to go home until he felt the results were good, and we could test during the night. He stayed until 10:30 one night making one last adjustment he felt would do the job (It did!).

When working with our third party calibrator, this is what he had to say about him: "You know, most people work for the paycheck nowadays, and not for the company, their always thinking about themselves. This man works for the company. Everything is for Wisconsin, not him. All praise goes to his company and coworkers, not him. You just don't see this very often in this day and age" (He's 71).

He must have apologized 5 times for sending the ovens out wired incorrectly, and the other issues. Said that was very rare, and now his job was to make it right, and make me happy with Wisconsin (again Wisconsin, not him). Stated that: "If Wisconsin is doing well, he will do well. So it's important for the company to have a good name, and happy customers. Knows he has to do his part, so everyone is successful."

If we all had more workers like Corey (and I believe Wisconsin has quite a few), we would all be in a better place. Great job to whomever is responsible for growing him (although I suspect he couldn't be any other way. A rare find indeed…worthy, but humble at the same time).

You could not of sent a better man to represent Wisconsin!


Ed Daigle
Manufacturing Engineer

Hi David

We have had two Wisconsin Oven ovens (500° maximum temperature) running 4 days a week (sometimes on Fridays too), 9 to 10 hours a day. One oven is 10 Ft long and the other is 20 ft long.

We have had to replace one fuse and one light bulb. I have replaced the bearings and belts as a preventive maintenance measure.

Our ovens have never failed to start up and run the duration of the work day. We do powder coating and Mil spec painting, so fast cure and fast recovery is a must. Both ovens recover to set temp in less than 10 minutes after we close the doors (they are mainly ran 380 F to 420 F). We ordered double insulation for fast recovery and we are not disappointed in the speed and very low gas bills. I could not be more pleased.

I have had many ovens for not only Paint, Powder and Teflon and I can say in my 35 years of production, I have not had a finer set of ovens. If we ever expand to more ovens our only choice will be Wisconsin Oven Corporation.

Last word, the sales and service people of Wisconsin are very quick to respond to my questions about service and are very concise and clear. Again, I could not be more pleased with Wisconsin Oven in that area.

Thank you,

Drexel Ferguson

With Wisconsin Oven's products, the initial run-up to operating temperature takes 14 minutes and total baking time is reduced by one to three hoursper batch. We used to complete one or two batches each day and now we complete four to six batches each day. We have gained 75% - 80% in time and will see a Return-on-Investment in less than nine months.

Dan Strobach

Read the full case study on Northwire at /content/batch-ovens-reduce-cycle-times-improve-efficiency-and-profits.

Mr. Spaight,

I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to update you on the two new ovens installed here at Weatherford A&M Composites in Big Spring, Texas. This makes a total of three of your ovens we now have in operation here at the plant.

First and utmost are the two installers (Jason Rullmann and Nick Gardner) that did the installation. This is the second time they did the installation here and we are most impressed with them. They are impressive to watch in how they go about their jobs. The teamwork and knowledge is most impressive. They work very well as a cohesive team. Each helping the other or preparing for the next step without one ever complaining or raising their voices to one another. I must say, it is not something I see very often. Just want you to know, I would like to have them if possible on any future installations should that become a reality. Also to let you know, you have a couple of top hands there.

Installation went well and any and all situations that arose (always some problems) were quickly addressed and resolved by Nick and Jason. I wish all my vendors were able to perform as your personnel did. It was a pleasure working with them. You are very well represented by those two individuals.

My compliments,

Roger P. Geffert

General Manager

Just a quick thanks for the performance of your installers. They hit the ground with a purpose and have performed very well. The items that they have completed look excellent. They truly are a great reflection on your company.

Russell L Brooker

Sr. Manufacturing – Continuous Improvement Engineer


Please share with the entire Wisconsin Oven staff how satisfied Sewah Studios is with our new oven. Your product has exceeded our expectations in every way. I can now understand why Wisconsin Oven is said to be the best industrial oven manu

facturer in the country. The grant procedures made this project a little out of the norm; however everything went on schedule and as planned; I attribute that to the fine folks at Wisconsin Oven. Again thank you and we look forward to working with you in the very near future.


Bradford Smith, President

Our oven is great it is heat treating some 7050 aluminum aircraft rivets at this very moment. We only ever had one problem, your guys helped us to solve it. When we need another one we will certainly talk to your company first. My employees that at first questioned my decision to buy a larger unit at the suggestion of your sales people, have since all come to tell me what a great idea that was. National Rivet is now an 85 year 4th generation family owned and operated company. Many of our employees also have several generations of history here as well. It is nice to have pride in your company and employees. The Wisconsin work ethic is alive and well and making excellent products!

Drew Zeratsky, V.P. Operations


I do want to take the time to thank the Wisconsin Oven team for their help in our recent purchase of an EWN walk-in oven. The knowledge and expertise exhibited by the Wisconsin Oven sales staff greatly influenced my decision to choose the Wisconsin Oven brand. Their quick responses and help re-assured me that I was on the right path concerning this equipment choice. Delivery and installation went smoothly with no surprises which helped us meet the tight installation schedule. Startup went smoothly and the temperature calibration by our team was quickly accomplished. Training of the operators was easily accomplished and production results have met all expectations. The operators have commented how they like the simplicity of the settings and easy-to-understand controls. Wisconsin Oven will be my first stop the next time I need a process oven.

Henry Brice, Manufacturing Engineer

When I started the purchasing process for this oven I had received three quotes in total. The drawing that WOC presented and the follow up on their end, post drawing, was great. Although it was not the lowest bid, I chose WOC because of the follow up with everything. The presentation was professional and there was tons of information supplied on the purchase I was interested in. That information gave me the confidence that I was buying a good quality oven. The pictures helped clarify how the delivery would work. It was exactly what I wanted and everything I was looking to get.

The oven showed up exactly how it was described. It was incredibly clean. I’ve been in the industry for almost 19 years and this is the best, well packaged, well taken care of oven I’ve seen. It is beautiful. The technicians were also great – professional and helpful. The documentation of the controls and operations are done very well. It doesn’t need to be memorized, of course it will be overtime, but everything is written right on the oven. This is helpful for anyone and any staff that needs to use it. I was tremendously satisfied with the communication from the time of quote to the actual delivery and installation – the entire process – “the whole ball of wax.” I would absolutely use Wisconsin Oven again.

Heath Blundell